Cardio Development

& Running Efficiency

Athlete Focused, 

Coaching Excellence,

Outstanding Facilities

When: Monday August 31 -  Friday September 4

Time & Location: 
Malden Park (Matchette Rd. Entrance) 10-11:30am 


East Riverside Park, Little River Rd. & Cora Greenwood 5-6:30pm

Who: Restricted to young athletes aged 10 through 13.

Registration: Online only 

Registration Fee: $50 / Participant, paid online through PayPal 

COVID-19: Participants will be required to arrive wearing a mask; the 
COVID-19 questionnaire must be completed daily online before arrival

What: This is a multi sport camp that does not require previous knowledge. Training during the week can be applied as a base for many sports.  Each camper will receive instruction and drills to work on proper running mechanics; work on overall fitness including core; and be provided cardio training incorporating interval & hill running.